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To honour Jock Kinneir’s birthday tomorrow, take inspiration from his UK road signs for a #FontSunday dedicated to Wayfinding. Send in your favourites from noon tomorrow.

Very interesting discussions happening about #menopause on #womanshour @BBCWomansHour this week! Check it out on @BBCr4today #R4

For more information on the menopause, check out the hormone knowledge section of our website:

Hormone knowledge for patients ~ Hormone Health

Library of helpful information related to hormones and women's health.

New factsheets on #Migraine and #HRT from @BrMenopauseSoc and @womenshealthWHC.
For GPs and health professionals:
For women:
#menopause #talkmenopause

A virtual file cabinet of maps, charts, diagrams, data visualisations and other related curiosities.